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Project Ability is a developmental visual arts organisation that grew out of a yearlong project to mark the International Year of Disabled People in 1981. Since then we have been promoting equality of access to the arts by supporting people of all ages and abilities to take part in artistic projects, exhibitions and events.

Each week we provide artistic support, training and access to professional resources to around three hundred people. We work with children and adults with learning or developmental disabilities, people with mental ill health, and others who find it difficult to access mainstream activities.

Project Ability is based in Trongate 103, and has a fully accessible gallery and workshop spaces in Glasgow’s city centre. Our workshops take place both in Trongate 103, and in our extensive outreach programme in schools and community venues throughout Glasgow and the surrounding local authorities.

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Project Ability runs an exhibition programme that showcases work created in our projects as well as the work of local, national and international disabled artists and arts organisations.

We also run exhibitions in other organisations and offices.

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Fine Art, Decorative and Applied Art

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  • 24 July — 29 August 2015 *on now

Scott Lang, a former Project Ability artist who recently graduated from Glasgow Kelvin College, will be showing recent works in his first solo exhibition, Schementality, opening on Friday 24th July.

'My recent practice has drawn on Glasgow’s ‘traditional’ gang culture. Personal experience, having briefly joined a gang in my teenage years, informs and connects with my research. Although brief, my involvement with gangs has had a significant and prolonged effect which has influenced several aspects of my life.

My work has explored the many facets of Glasgow’s gang culture, the territorial nature of gangs, the associated status symbols, the multicultural makeup of contemporary gangs and the stereotypical representations of gang members. By addressing these stereotypes, I endeavour to add humorous elements to what can be a very dark subject.

I usually begin by creating photomontage images which I then explore in a variety of media, including various printmaking techniques and mixed media pieces. I often try to incorporate materials relevant to the subject matter; spray paint with stencilled images, for example, to reflect street/urban art and gang tag practice.'

Suitable for

  • Any age



Fast is fine but accuracy is final

  • 25 July — 29 August 2015 *on now

Project Ability is pleased to present ‘Fast is fine but accuracy is final’ a two-person exhibition of paintings by Glasgow-based artist Charlie Hammond alongside new works by Project Ability Aspire artist Tommy Mason.
The uncommon pairing of these two artists looks to question the dichotomy between art that is made in supportive settings as being a pure, authentic activity and that which is made with a heightened awareness of a viewing public and weighted by a legacy of art history and theory.

The exhibition considers various aspects of art production, from the conditions of play in studio practice, to the different settings and contexts of making. By finding common ground and parallels within both artists’ approaches, the aim is to contribute to the debate around the criteria and terminology of ‘Outsider Art’.

The title for this exhibition returns to the original site of much of Tommy Mason’s imagery – the American Old West – and is a quote attributed to Wild West lawman Wyatt Earp. This relationship to the speed of execution is true in both artists work, whilst their rudimentary figuration has an accuracy of its own.

Charlie Hammond lives and works in Glasgow. He graduated from GSA painting department in 2002. He has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. In recent work Hammond has considered notions of labour from the domestic every day in relation to the idea of art practice as toil. His recent paintings have featured washing machines, laundry baskets, brooms, wheels and other banal symbols associated with odd jobs. These symbols are further united by notions of strife through a themed series of sweat paintings; denigrating the act of painting as equivalent to cyclical daily activities of making a mess and cleaning it up. Through playful mark making, repetition, varying methods of application and sculptural collage, he treats his paintings as expanded vehicles for instinctive physical and visual interventions.

Tommy Mason is an artist from Project Ability’s Aspire programme for people with learning disabilities, where he has been attending for 25 years. Mason speedily creates collections of drawings of men, faces, horses, trees, and other immaterial abstract shapes stemming from his interest in Western films depicting the American Frontier. When seen collectively, these modest, untitled works on paper, executed in whatever materials he has to hand, help to form this enigmatic practice from obscure pursuit to a lyrical sense of sorts.

*Opening Friday 24 July, 6pm-8pm.*

Suitable for

  • Any age


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Young Talent!

  • 4 September — 24 October 2015

Our annual Create exhibition is back for 2015!

Each year Young Talent showcases and celebrates the artwork created by children and young people from the Create Programme, now in its 15th year. For 2015 we are presenting a diverse selection of painting, drawing, sculpture and film from our Saturday Visual Arts Programme for children and young people aged 5-21 and our Art Matters Programme for young people aged 21-28.

Young Talent provides Project Ability’s youngest artists with a unique platform to display their creative achievements, produced in our workshops through experimentation with multi-layered artistic practices and methods. Each year our young artists produce a distinctive collective display which punctuates the year with a colourful playground of artwork of different techniques and visions, a wealth of experimentation, innovation and adventure.

Project Ability’s Create programme engages with children and young people with disabilities in a wide range of creative activities including visual arts, film and new media. The programme includes evening and weekend workshops, one-off projects, events, film screenings and exhibitions. All of our activities are tailored to the individuals we work with and are fully inclusive. We work with individuals, families, schools, voluntary sector groups and other arts organisations with a target participant age group of 5 – 25 years.

Opening events: Thursday 3 Sept, 6pm-8pm & Saturday 5 Sept 1pm-2pm.

Suitable for

  • Any age


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