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Project Ability is a developmental visual arts organisation that grew out of a yearlong project to mark the International Year of Disabled People in 1981. Since then we have been promoting equality of access to the arts by supporting people of all ages and abilities to take part in artistic projects, exhibitions and events.

Each week we provide artistic support, training and access to professional resources to around three hundred people. We work with children and adults with learning or developmental disabilities, people with mental ill health, and others who find it difficult to access mainstream activities.

Project Ability is based in Trongate 103, and has a fully accessible gallery and workshop spaces in Glasgow’s city centre. Our workshops take place both in Trongate 103, and in our extensive outreach programme in schools and community venues throughout Glasgow and the surrounding local authorities.

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Project Ability runs an exhibition programme that showcases work created in our projects as well as the work of local, national and international disabled artists and arts organisations.

We also run exhibitions in other organisations and offices.

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Fine Art, Decorative and Applied Art

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Photo by Simon McAuley

On the Same Latitude

  • 4 June — 18 July 2015 *on now

Project Ability is pleased to present an expedition in photography exploring shared moments and collaborative action by Ida Arentoft and Simon McAuley, two artists working in Scotland and Denmark.

"Our first day of shooting was on 17th March 2015. We both looked north and were standing in a location on the same latitude. Since this day, we have been creating our project by corresponding over email and by creating guidelines for photographing. The fact that we have been in two different locations in Scotland and Denmark, has almost been our point of departure and has created the concept for this project and expedition. Perceptions of time and space have been an important part of our process and our photographs have almost captured elementary moments in time.

We have a shared interest in ideas centered on light, time and landscape. These aspects have influenced the way we have made guidelines, and we have been navigating the land in agreed directions, setting the cameras on agreed times of exposure and we have been focusing on specific elements in our surroundings. The roads we have travelled have looked north, south, east, west and in April we made work together in various locations in Scotland. We were interested in seeing how the guidelines and images would develop while being in the same location and on the exact same latitude. Now we are back in our respective locations, looking at the sky, the sea and the land from each of our sides of the North Sea."

Ida Arentoft

“For the past few months we have been taking photographs. In our respective countries. Separated by the North Sea, a few hundred miles, and a time period of an hour. Denmark is an hour later than Scotland. There are however familiarities such as a knowledge and respect for each other’s previous work. In particular with regard to photography as a medium. So what did we have to work with, or what was our starting point? We have an awareness of common themes: exploration, travel as integral to our projects and notions of light, land, and place. We also have near same latitude of our current locations. This has become a matrix for exploring a project based on latitude. Direction, time, precise location, all contribute to something we explore, attempt to define, and build on. As we share letters and working images it is these and the potential to imagine; and work based on intuitive processes that we move forward. Or backwards or across or in one of the cardinal directions.”

Simon McAuley

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